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1:1 Sessions

The path of healing and awareness can be a daunting one when walking it on your own. Let me support you in this process, and share with you the tools and resources that have helped me and my clients create a fulfilling life.

1:1 Vibrational Healing & Coaching Sessions

These sessions focus on helping you bring your mind, body, emotions and spirit back to harmony. They will also support you in expanding your awareness, clearing your energy field from stagnation and/or blockages, and gain a new perspective about the issues that you might be facing at the moment.

You will walk away with tools and frameworks that you will be able to apply on a daily basis and maintain your natural state of harmony and an empowering mindset!

During these sessions you will experience a blend of Vibrational Healing (sound, crystals, reiki, essences), Emotional Fitness Coaching, Health Coaching and Breathwork.

1 x Session: $247 Initial session- $197 Following sessions
Pack of 10 sessions: $1,697
Pack of 5 sessions: $887

1:1 Breathwork & Coaching Sessions

We enter this lifetime with a breath, and it's the breath that sustains us, mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. 
It is the vehicle for health and the doorway into our inner world. 

Therefore, learning to work with it can bring us back to state of pure harmony, bliss and peace. 

During a 1:1 Breathwork & Coaching Session, we first identify  what your regular pattern of breathing is, and make some adjustments to help you restore your natural breath flow with the help of some simple exercises. 

Then, you will be taken on a journey of continuous breath, accompanied by sound and movement that will help you access accumulated tension in your body and release it in a safe and sacred space. 

This session is for you if:

-You have been experiencing feelings of anxiety and/or depression (non-clinical)
-You have been stressed out, overwhelmed or you are carrying with you tension in your mind, body and emotions from past experiences.
-You feel that you cannot breathe properly and feel short of breath often.
-You would like to connect at a deeper level with yourself and experience and expansion of your awareness.
-You are ready for change in your life.

Initial session 1.5hr $197
Follow up sessions 1hr $167

Space Clearing Ceremony

A space clearing ceremony is a wonderful way of honouring new beginnings, and of helping the energy of a space to shift with ease and grace into one that is supportive of your intentions. A ceremony can take place in a new space, or in one that you have been in for a while that needs help being renewed. These ceremonies focus on allowing dense or stagnant energies to leave the space or be transmuted, and in the anchoring of positive, high frequency energies in place. *Crystals included.

60min  $297


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Meet Laura Gutiérrez

Laura Gutiérrez is a Wellness Coach, Vibrational Healing Practitioner & Emotional Fitness Consultant, who has studied with industry renowned mentors such as Joe Pane, Lama Tendar, Johannes Egberts, Jane Elworthy and in at schools such as The Institute of Integrative Nutrition in New York and Universidad de La Sabana, in Bogotá, Colombia, where she gained her degree in Social Communication and Journalism.

She’s been working in the field of Vibrational Medicine and Coaching for over a decade, supporting busy people to improve the quality of their relationship with change, stress and non-clinical anxiety and depression. Laura’s passion is to help her clients navigate their current life circumstances in a more functional way so that they can start enjoying life with calm, confidence and on their own terms. Her clients have ranged from 1:1 sessions with individuals to group events for companies such P.E. Nation and Woke Yoga, in Sydney, Australia.

Laura is the creator of the Relax, Receive & Heal event, a group sound healing experience that has supported many people in resetting and replenish their energy in just 1.5hrs, as well as of The Love Approach Project Podcast that focuses on bringing practical information to help people to navigate stress in resourceful ways. She is also the creator of The Harmony Formula, a 6 week online program aimed to help individuals find their unique recipe to a fulfilling life.

Laura has helped over 5,000 people through her 1:1 sessions, group events, online programs, meditations, podcasts and videos on different platforms, and loves to be able to incorporate her knowledge as a journalist to bring valuable content to her audience and clients.

Born and raised in Bogotá, Colombia, Laura now lives in Sydney, Australia. She loves to dance, speak in Spanglish, cook healthy, delicious food and practice Shaolin Kung Fu.


How to feel content with who you are without changing who you are

Step by step guide

Step by step guide

How to feel content with who you are without changing who you are

Laura has an incredible knowledge of how to heal the human body physically, emotionally and spiritually. I love her holistic approach to healing! She has taught me a variety of different tools that I've been able to apply to my everyday life that have significantly reduced my stress and anxiety and have helped me rebuild my life after a a really sad relationship breakup. Laura's compassion, understanding, patience and positivity is remarkable and her ability to assist in the healing of others is truly astonishing. Thank you Laura for the hugely important part you've played in my healing journey. 
"A few months ago I was in a really stressful situation, I had bad anxiety, I hadn’t slept for 7 days and I was getting constant palpitations. I contacted Laura to help me as a healer, after only one session my sleep started to improve and I was coming around, she was present during the whole process in a very loving and kind way with messages of positivity and support…her energy is wonderful!!! In addition to helping me in my emotional process Laura has invited me in an amazing community, where being vulnerable and self improvement can be fun… I highly recommend The Love approach project!
- Vanessa Ruiz

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How to feel content with who you are without changing who you are

Step by step guide

Step by step guide

How to feel content with who you are without changing who you are

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