space clearing ceremonies
space clearing ceremony
per venue 
  • Invocation & energy clearing
  • Anchoring of new, high frequency energy
  • Anchoring of intentions
A space clearing ceremony is a wonderful way of honouring new beginnings, and of helping the energy of a space to shift with ease and grace into one that is supportive of your intentions. 

A ceremony can take place in a new space, or in one that you have been in for a while, but that needs help being renewed. 

These ceremonies focus on allowing dense or stagnant energies to leave the space or be transmuted, and in the anchoring of positive, high frequency energies in place. 

Each ceremony is different, depending on what the space and the energy in it is at the moment of beginning the ceremony. 
Laura has an incredible knowledge of how to heal the human body physically, emotionally and spiritually. I love her holistic approach to healing! She has taught me a variety of different tools that I've been able to apply to my everyday life that have significantly reduced my stress and anxiety and have helped me rebuild my life after a a really sad relationship breakup. Laura's compassion, understanding, patience and positivity is remarkable and her ability to assist in the healing of others is truly astonishing. Thank you Laura for the hugely important part you've played in my healing journey. 
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