love in times of uncertainty 
meditation series
It is during challenging  times when we most need to take care of ourselves.
Meditation is a great way of reclaiming our calm, and of connecting to the inner self. I've created a series of meditations to support you now, and to help you step into you centred & empowered self! 
Four Downloadable Meditations
This Meditation Series includes:

 4 pre-recorded audios: 
A Gratitude meditation
A Healing Meditation
A Meditation for Stress
A Short Calming Meditation
A  Downloadable Mantra 
As part of this series I wanted to include a powerful mantra called the Green Tara Mantra from the Buddhist tradition. Chanting this mantra is said to dispel negativity, protect against illnesses and viruses, and dissolve obstacles.
Bonus Session
It is my objective to be able to support you in challenging times and help you come back to your calm and centred self. This is why, when you purchase this meditation series, I am also including a FREE 20 min online session with me to give you a hand in this challenging times.
Meditations ready to listen, wherever you are! We are in this together! 
Love in times of uncertainty
meditation series

love in times of uncertainty
meditation series
  • 1 x Gratitude meditation
  • 1 x Healing Meditation
  • 1 x Meditation for Stress
  • 1 x Short Calming Meditation
  • 1 x Green Tara Mantra
  • 1 x 20 min Discovery session with Laura
 I've created a series of meditations to support you now, and to help you step into you centred & empowered self! 

You can download all the files at once or one by one, and do them in your own time. 

Each meditation has been recorded with a particular intention, and so, depending on what you feel need at a particular time, you can use of them:

-Gratitude meditation
-Healing Meditation
-Meditation for moments of distress
-Short Calming Meditation

I've also recorded the Green Tara Mantra for you to chant along 21 times, and help in this way with the resolution for our highest good of this global crisis. 

I hope you enjoy this series!
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