meditation series
Mp4 Files to download
  • Gratitude meditation
  • Healing Meditation
  • Meditation for Stress
  • Short Calming Meditation
  • Green Tara Mantra
  • 20 min Discovery session with Laura
I've created a series of meditations to support you now, and to help you step into you centred & empowered self! 

You can download all the files at once or one by one, and do them in your own time. 

Each meditation has been recorded with a particular intention, and so, depending on what you feel need at a particular time, you can use of them:

-Gratitude meditation
-Healing Meditation
-Meditation for moments of distress
-Short Calming Meditation

I've also recorded the Green Tara Mantra for you to chant along 21 times, and help in this way with the resolution for our highest good of this global crisis. 

I hope you enjoy this series!
lunalay crystal water bottles
with bonuses
  • Crystal water bottle
  • Crystal healing e-book
  • Gem Water e-journal
  • And more!
Raise your frequency as you drink crystal infused water!

Lunalay crystal water bottles are an easy, portable way of giving your daily water intake an Ommph! 

It's been demonstrated that water learns from its environment, and that crystals have healing properties, therefore, putting these two things together can only bring you a powerful combination, By drinking crystal infused water you are supporting your whole being, from your physical body to your mind and emotions.

I met Laura at one of the awesome Crystal Workshops that she runs.
After that crystal workshop I knew that I had to see her again for one-on-one healing.
During our healing session, Laura was so intuitive and knew exactly what we were going to work through in our session to help me at that particular point. The healing itself was seriously the most amazing experience, and honestly made me feel like a completely renewed and refreshed person afterwards - everyone in my family also noticed how my energy levels just completely transformed after the session. I am so excited to have found someone like Laura and have continued going back to keep myself in the best emotional state that I possibly can.

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