Everyone Is Talking About Structured Water And Now You Are In The Loop...
On-The-Go Crystal Infused Water...
The Easiest Way To Drink Water with Healing Properties and STOP Drinking Old & Lifeless Water
 (even if You've Never Used A Crystal Before) 
you've spent all your life drinking Plain, Lifeless water, you might be wondering... 
why do you still  feel the need to realign, Heal and Recharge your body? 
You have been drinking plain, Lifeless, and some even call it 'Old' water without even knowing you have more choices?

Life is busy and the need to make easier the process of recovering and healing is increasing... That's why everyone is talking about Vibrational Medicine to Recharge and Re-structure Everything we take. Our Bodies are more than 75% water and water is highly Programmable, it seems every time people need to get well or perform better the answer is 'drink more water'...

And yet... somehow 'just water' hasn't been enough... you have thought about filtering your water and removing all the nasties but still there's still something missing... Removing the toxic, artificial elements is a good first step but by drinking plain, lifeless water you're missing out the healing properties that come from intentional structuring your water.
If You're Having Plain, Lifeless Water... What Is That Telling Your Body?...
You've been having what some call  'Old', 'Plain' and even 'Lifeless' water, and I get that REALLY there's not enough info out there to SHARE any other alternatives.
On top of nasties in the water, there is another obstacle in the path towards healing and restoring...
as water sits in a container for long periods of time and doesn't flow it actually deteriorates and the Natural Structure isn't the same any more... and even when you drink your water, it still seems there is something missing... 

You're busy and there's only enough time to actually Drink Water. I have been running workshops to teach how to Recharge and Re-energise Your water with Traditional Methods however they can be time consuming and in all honesty... quite impractical in a daily, busy life...   

In the traditional way, I used to use a couple of crystals and a glass to be able to infuse my water. It would require a clean table, a glass with filtered water, and the crystals. 
This could take up to 15 minutes for only a glass of infused water and I would have to drink it straight away. 

Then, I started thinking about how could it be possible to infuse water on the go....
I knew the traditional methods to infuse water with the energy of crystals. I actually teach the methods in my workshops... SO Knowing WATER is Highly Programmable I found Crystals to be a powerful source of energy to Charge it with.

I needed a practical, easy, fast way to Infuse my Water on-the-go so I could drink healing, gem water all day long!

My mission is to bring Crystal Infused Water to help people heal, restore and re-align with the perfection of Nature. 
My Journey Into Gem Water...
Using a method from Vibrational Medicine, I found a way to STOP drinking Lifeless, Plain Water and START Drinking Crystal Elixir Water that I could easily prepare at home and carry with me Everywhere! 
There I was,  An Energy Healer and Health coach helping people heal, restore and re-align with the use of Vibrational Medicine. 

The thing is, at the time I was Working with people during Workshops and one on one sessions to share different ways to improve their health using vibrational medicine.

The big problem was that The traditional methods of crystal infusion took too long and seemed impractical for my busy clients. That meant My mission of helping people heal and recover their health was going to take a very long time. I believe vibrational healing methods should be available in very practical ways and to everyone, not only one person at the time.

Then, as if by chance, something amazing happened...

I Learned that one of the participants in one of my workshops had some amazing water bottles with crystals in them and It was THAT THING I had been looking for!  A new way of infusing and transforming water On-The-Go!

Instantly it became clear to me How to Use Crystals to infuse Water On-The-Go... and I saw there was a way to provide people with a healing method in a bottle.

My plan was to bring these bottles to all my clients and reach people like YOU to share this method of Energy Infusion for Self Healing.

So I started talking to Jack & Simone and checked out the amazing Lunalay bottles. I studied them and made sure the sourcing of the crystals was genuine...  But I didn’t stop there.

I then Looked into design and practicality.

After that, I Thought about everything that a busy person would need to have  to create the best results from using the crystal bottles.

Building on that success, I decided to Share the bottles with my clients and followers and also share the ancestral knowledge of infusing water with the vibrational energy from crystals.

Jack & Simone call them “Lunalay Crystal Bottles”.

With Lunalay Crystal Bottles I can now Set an intention and infuse my water with the type of Crystal that matches what I want to Create in my life.

And that's why I'm so excited to share this with you so you can see the results by experiencing this too!!!

Laura Gutierrez
Hi! I’m Laura Gutiérrez, founder of The Love Approach Project.

I dedicate my life to the art of supporting others in their health & healing journeys.
I am an Energy Healer & a Health Coach passionate about bringing harmony back to our minds, bodies and emotions through vibrational medicine, structured water, and natural and holistic practices.

I believe in LOVE as the ultimate cure for all, and in hugs as the best heart opener.
Imagine What Life Would Be Like If You Too Could Have Healing Water
Everywhere You Go?
Not only you have bragging rights about your cool water bottle but you also get all the benefits from actually infusing your drink with the energy from the crystal.

Imagine having your crystal bottle on your table or desk and knowing that you have an elixir you're able to have at any time.

Impress not only people around you... but also your senses with the experience of gem infused water. Your crystal, the one that will re-energise your body at a physical and energy levels.

We are living beings made out of 75%+ water and by having crystal infused water we can transfer the information to our bodies. There's been many studies that proof that we can influence living beings with vibration: sounds, thoughts, words and elements. 

This is your chance to experience the infusion of earth's elements and re-energise your body and uplift your mind using crystal energised water. 

"...Crystal Infused Water has been a very easy way to Experience a process of Healing that is not only temporary but something that becomes a New Lifestyle.This has created an amazing Habit of having Water all throughout the day. My body feels clean, energised and the noise in my mind is no longer there... I'm now Drinking better quality water, feeling lighter, happier... " - Angie from Sydney Australia
all you need to create a healing experience....
100% Original Crystal Bottles!
This is the ONLY Healing Kit that Includes Everything YOU want and need to Create a Full Healing Experience (100% Original)
Enjoy your Lunalay bottle, enjoy raising your frequency and of course, enjoy your new water! 
This Is What You'll Get in Your Healing Kit
The Ultimate Crystal Healing Guide
How to use crystals to heal the body and transform the spirit.

Oh crystal healing… if you are like me, you are into healing, and more than that, you are into health. With this book you will have the basic knowledge you need to use crystals more confidently to help you and your loved ones live a healthier and more fulfilling life. Yay to that!
Ebook Giving Your Gem Water an Oomph!
Now that you know me a little bit more, you may have noticed that I love everything that has to do with frequency and vibration. Why? Because once you understand everything in creation is frequency, you will make everything you can to have really good ones around you! 
Don’t you think? 
So, a way in which you can enhance the infusion of your water is with sound, Yes! And for that I’ve made this PDF with information on some Sacred Tones called the Solfeggio Frequencies. read on. You will be amazed!
A Guide on How to Care for Your Bottle and your Water
I am a bit of a crazy cleaning person. And I love to use natural products as much as I can for this necessary daily life task. So, I have created for you a mini -ebook with what products to use for cleaning your bottle, and also with some tips on how to take care of your infused water and what to do if your crystal breaks!  
And, on this page only, you're going to find some exclusive bonuses you can't get anywhere else!
Bonus #1   Audio Guided Meditation
Set an Intention with Your Bottle
Since this is all about intention and getting more connected to our daily healing rituals, I’ve recorded a meditation that you can play while holding your bottle to set an intention for the sacred ritual of drinking gem water. You can do this in the morning before heading off for the day, or whenever you want to set a purpose for the water you are about to drink.
Bonus #2  Your Gem Water Journal
Bring awareness to how you feel a sip of water at a time
I personally love to write. It is like a ritual for me to write about how I feel, what’s going on in my mind and I have also loved journals all my life. So, I thought that a ‘Gem Water Journal’ would be ideal for those who, like me, like to take not of what changes of happens in our lives, especially after beginning a new ritual or practice.
This is why I have created this manual for you. I am also into tracking how much water I am drinking a day, so I added a space in it where you can keep note of this and be accountable to yourself for your water drinking goals.
Bonus #3   Love & love
You are contributing
Because all of us deserve love, no matter what our circumstances are, today is for those living on the streets. 

You are supporting a cause that changes hearts and lives a glass of crystal infused water at a time. Every bottle brings water to people living on the streets in Sydney.

Drink Crystal infused Water on-the-go, raise your  Frequency, create a new Self-Care ritual, learn about crystals, and much more!
begin your crystal infused journey here!
100% Original Crystal Bottles!
100% Satisfaction Guarantee
Every bottle comes with a manufacturers warranty card. 
Now it's your time for...
The Next Level of Water Quality
An Amazing looking Crystal Bottle can bring another level of health and healing for you. Not only fabolous looking but also filled with high vibrational medicinal properties. You can now have Crystal Infused Water On-The-Go. Make sure you don't close this page until you complete the form as this offer is only available here and for a limited time. 

Remember, all the money in the world can't buy you back good health!

Making your Health a Love Project,

- Laura Gutierrez
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  • ​Your Very Own Crystal Bottle ($110 Value)
  • ​The Ultimate Crystal Healing Guide  ($47 Value)
  • ​Ebook - Giving Your Gem Water an Oomph!   ($37 Value)
  • ​A Guide on How to Care for Your Bottle and your Water  ($17 Value)
  • Audio Guided Meditation ($47 Value)
  • Your Gem Water Journal ($39 Value)
Total Value: $297
But today, you're getting all of this...
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