relax, receive and heal
relax, receive & heal live event
for 1.5 hours
  • Sound Healing & Channeled Sound
  • Reiki
  • Crystal Healing
  • A crystal to take home with you
Have you been feeling a bit stressed out, overwhelmed, or out alignment? Then this is for you!

It is time for you to receive. Receive the support and nurturing energies of being in a group setting where healing can take place. Join us at this special event in which with the help of crystals, reiki and healing sounds you will be taken into a deep estate of relaxation and connection with the whole. There is nothing else to do but to receive and allow!

This 1.5hr Group Crystal & Sound Healing experience has been designed to support you in the harmonisation of all of your being, calling your mind, body and spirit into alignment. During this process you might fall asleep or drift away, allowing the energies to work, or perhaps you will be fully conscious feeling the new vibrations working through you. It’s a very intimate moment, potentiated by the energy of group work.

The frequencies of crystals and intentional sounds used during the session will be your support for transformation to happen. At a core level you are pure frequency, pure energy in motion; during this experience you will be gently taken to a place where you can remember this innate reality, and come back to you.

Note: during this experience you will be lying down in a very cosy environment. Please bring warm socks as you will be taking your shoes off.


-An organic cup of tea
-A crystal to take home with you!
$464 - SAVE $100! normally $564
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