a journey into crystals I 
3 hr in person workshop
  • Learn to connect to crystals & use them 
  • A complete manual to take home
  • A beautiful crystal to take home
  • Short Sound Healing 
Join me on a very special journey into the depths of the world of our friends and allies, the crystals.

In this 3 hour workshop you will learn how to feel, use and interact with crystals for your own benefit and personal growth, as well as for the one of those around you and for the world.

Learning about crystals fosters a higher consciousness within us all, they truly helps us remember who we are, support us in awakening our gifts and become tools for daily use helping us create a much more enriched and joyful life!

We will cover:

-The nature of crystals and why are they so important now.
-How to feel and connect with the energy of crystals, including how to choose them!
-How to cleanse and care for your crystals.
-Types, formations and overall properties of some of the most common and powerful crystal healers (e.g, amethyst, clear quartz, Isis, Lemurian, etc).
-How to meditate with crystals and create a genuine, deep connection with your crystals.
-How to program crystals to help you work with an intention or desire.
-DIY self healing and harmonisation process with crystals .
-Other magikal tips on how to use and work with these beauties!.

We will finish this amazing workshop with a group crystal healing!

What’s included:

A complete manual to take home
A beautiful crystal to take home
Delicious treats and drinks

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DIY CRYSTAL HEALING KIT: Receive a complete crystal healing on the day of the workshop to continue your healing work at home! It includes a crystals for each chakra, plus four (4) more crystals to assure a holistic crystal healing experience for you! It also includes instructions on how to be used. FOR YOU TODAY $27 AUD (Normally $47 AUD)

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