online programs
companion mentoring program
relax, receive & heal program
Monthly subscription (3months min)
  • 30 min one-on-one session with Laura per month
  • Crystal Kit
  • Weekly Zoom Webinars
  • Private Facebook Group
  • Continuous Support
It is my intention to provide a safe and sacred space to support you in your path of inner growth, healing and self-empowerment. It is also my objective that you receive the tools, practices and most importantly, the love you deserve to take you to the next level of your healing journey!

In this space we will meet online and one-on-one at a distance, so please read on to learn more. I am really excited about what’s to unfold for you!

This program includes:

1. A one-on-one 30min distant healing session with Laura Gutiérrez once a month, via zoom or phone.  

2. A complete crystal healing kit to be used as part of the program. Sent to you via post. 

2. Weekly support through a live webinar (1hr), where we will work on a main topic each week. Each session will begin with a meditation/exercise and end with a meditation/self-healing process. 

The webinars are held live on Thursday each week from 7:00pm-8:00pm AEST (Sydney Time) via Zoom. If you cannot attend live, the recording will be in the FB group for you to watch again. 

Each month has 4 weeks, in which we focus in the following areas:

Week 1: Mindfulness & Awareness
Week 2: Physical Healing 
Week 3: Emotional Healing
Week 4: Spiritual awareness

After each session there will be an exercise to do at home, with the intention of creating new habits and patterns of behaviour and of thinking. These exercises will also make you accountable and committed to your own journey. 

3. Private, safe and sacred Facebook group to support each other and to reach out when need.

4. Daily inspiration and motivation to help keep you on track!

5. Printable E-Journal to track your journey. 

6. Reading and exercise materials needed during the course of the program.

IMPORTANT: Please note that this is a subscription based program. When you sign up, you agree to be part of it for a minimum of 3 months. If you do not wish to continue being part of the program after the first three months, please send an email to 30 days before the end date of the first three months to be able to cancel your subscription. Thank you. 

online workshop
a journey into crystals 
a journey into crystals
lifetime access
  • Videos
  • Downloadable manual
  • Bonuses
  • Support
A Journey into Crystals

Learn how to feel, use and interact with crystals for your own benefit and personal growth, as well as for the one of those around you and for the world. 

- Learn how to choose a crystal.
- Learn about how they can relate to your chakras and how to use them.
- Learn how to connect to them.
- Learn how to take care of them.
- Learn a practical exercise for your healing & well-being.

A short workshop packed with valuable information for you to take your connection to crystals to another level. 
kombucha online masterclass
kombucha masterclass
lifetime access
  • Videos
  • Downloadable manual
  • E-books
  • Support
Kombucha Masterclass - COMING SOON!

Kombucha is a fermented drink made from tea and sugar. It has a particularly tart, fizzy flavour, and is packed with goodness! It has millions of probiotic bacteria, beneficial acids, enzymes and vitamins. Learning to make your own kombucha not only saves you lots of money, but it empowers you to take charge of your inner ecosystem and general health. 

In this workshop you will learn:

-How to step by step brew at home safely
-How to troubleshoot your brewing process
-The history of this ancient drink
-What is fermentation and why it is important
-Receive continuous support
I met Laura at one of the awesome Crystal Workshops that she runs.
After that crystal workshop I knew that I had to see her again for one-on-one healing.
During our healing session, Laura was so intuitive and knew exactly what we were going to work through in our session to help me at that particular point. The healing itself was seriously the most amazing experience, and honestly made me feel like a completely renewed and refreshed person afterwards - everyone in my family also noticed how my energy levels just completely transformed after the session. I am so excited to have found someone like Laura and have continued going back to keep myself in the best emotional state that I possibly can.

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