a journey into crystals II
3 hr in person workshop
  • Learn specific characteristics of crystals
  • Learn to create crystal grids
  • A complete manual to take home
  • A beautiful crystal to take home
  • Short Sound Healing 
From healing a broken heart, to releasing fear and creating abundance, crystals are always ready to support us in this human and spiritual journey. They never hold back their gifts, in fact, they are here to give us a hand in our daily challenges, enhancing our connection with our heart and with our divinity.

In this 3hr workshop, we will go deeper into the characteristics of particular crystals for both our personal & spiritual growth and health. You will learn which crystals you can work with to support you in different situations or scenarios of your day to day life, and how and when to use them for your mental, emotional and physical health too.

Crystals bridge the material and the spiritual realms, showing us how easy it is to walk in both worlds, always grounded and connected!

We will cover:

-A connection exercise that will help you learn and gather wisdom from your crystals and from any crystal you come in contact with.

-How and what crystals to use for support with:

Love (relationships, heart opening, universal love, compassion);
Self love and self acceptance;
Letting go (attachments, fear, addictions, forgiveness);
Grief and sadness;
Inner peace;
Abundance and prosperity;
Clarity and focus;
Chakra balancing;
And Higher guidance (connection to other realms).

-You will learn how to make and activate a crystal grid to amplify an intention and the frequency of crystals. Eg. a crystal grid for creating peace at home.

-Plus what to put in your crystal first aid kit at home!

This workshop will have a combination of both theory and practice.

We will finish this amazing workshop with a group crystal healing!

What’s included:

• A manual to take home
• A beautiful crystal to take home
• A glass of crystal infused probiotic drink & some treats.

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CRYSTAL GRID KIT: Bring home with you a complete crystal grid kit to help you start bringing your intentions to reality! This powerful and complete kit includes: a crystal grid cloth, clear quartz pointers, centre crystal, mini quartz pieces and instructions. You will receive the kit on the day of the workshop. TODAY FOR YOU $27 AUD (Usually $47 AUD)

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